66. Topless Greenskeepers

Chris and the Trust Fund Kid talk Myrtle Beach, TFK's vacation, golf, Master's Club, dancers, strippers, Chris's possible hemorrhoid, squatty potty, Israel, Palestine, Israeli Defense Forces, Trump, Mahal, Sar-el, Garintzabar, Industrial Military Complex, Trump cancels Eagles visit, celebrity activism, gardening, fruits, and figs.

65. Is this it?

Chris, the Trust Fund Kid, and Glen talk Glen's new job, everyone's week, 300,000 year old pot, carbon dating, sumerian tablets, ancient architecture, ancient technology vs present technology, Enlil, Enki, the Annunaki, and evolution.

64. Eating Your Dates Out

Chris, the Trust Fund Kid, and the Intern's Intern talk how much should wrestler's be oiled, the spirit of food, nature, healing, cauliflower ear, Medical Medium Life Changing Foods by Anthony Williams, new sneakers, Chris joined a gym, making gains, Super Mario, energy in food, and consciousness.

63. The Emotional Clown Posse

Chris and the Trust Fund Kid talk their weeks, Insane Clown Posse, Amazing Jeckel Brothers, handling emotions, Chris's wife quits smoking, road rage, fishing, taking a trip to Arizona to meet a Shaman, exotic foods, Murrel's Inlet, and Myrtle Beach.

60. Farewell to Facebook

Chris, the Trust Fund Kid, and the Intern talk Wrestlemania, Andre the Giant's Penis, Cigarettes, Las Vegas, Counting Cards, Blackjack, Kook Studios Moving?, Carnivore Diet, Healthy Condiments, Diabetes from Meat vs. Sugar, Mark Zuckerberg, Peeping Tom's, and do women like a finger in the butt?