two explorers traveling through the universe


The IMIGHTBEAKOOK podcast began when Chris Otto had an idea to record some of his thoughts.  Since then, The Trust Fund Kid joined the team, and the two of them continue to learn as much as possible about life as they can.  They want to "wake" their listeners to all the possibilities of the universe.

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A self proclaimed gypsy, Chris Otto hails from all over the East Coast United States, but is originally from Philadelphia.  Chris's journey through the universe began after watching the Philando Castille tape.  Since then, Chris continues to search for a better understanding of life and its mysteries.


The Trust Fund Kid, also from Philadelphia, began his journey with an interest in body language.  His journey led him to study body language, psychology, the art of leadership, real estate investing, and more.  The Trust Fund Kid continues to uncover the Universe's mysteries and pass along his findings whenever he can.